The Pilgrims Reflect


This past year was full of thing I could have never imagined, even looking back now. But I have learned the hard lessons of working for what you have, knowing when to let go, loving what is within you and learning patience for yourself.

I believed that my spirituality and religion had suffered greatly at one point but I realized and I still hope that I was pushed onto another path that will bring me close to unity with my Maker and his creations. I may not be keeping up my end of the bargain and I may, at times, make excuses for my lack of adherence, but I hope my actions and intentions will balance out when its time.

I have learned a hard lesson in making decisions you don’t want to make. Although everything in theory is reversible, somethings can never be what they were. It has been hard but I believe it was for the best for us to go our separate ways. This chapter in my life has also shown me the grey areas within my religion and the hope and understanding that this decision on my part was necessary. This decision has given me a glimpse into the attributes of our Creator and possibly made me more human.

I have learned that those who stand before us have many stories, combinations, dark depths and a history. From this year’s experiences I have become less judgemental, more fundamental and simplified. My prayer for “normal” has been heard I believe and I hope the same for anyone who seeks it. From this year’s experiences my intentions to be right always, has faded and the want for peace has taken the forefront.

For 2012 I hope for just the same. My du’a (prayer) for us all would be to rectify, reconcile and to put peace before ourselves. Feel what you need to feel, do what you need to do, but at the end of the day remember where we come from. Cherish those around us and realize that its our attitudes that make life enjoyable. I hope for all who read this, increased creativity, spirituality and understanding of the world around us.


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