Pilgrims Watch Secrets Play


Secrets dance between
Thin sheets
Where the lover’s find themselves
Making love, making home and telling stories.

They dance in the creases
Collecting to form the shadows
Aligning along her body and his,
Protecting them.

They tip toe across
Morning kissed fleshed
Where the dew of stillness
Has settled in early dawn

Her hair forms ringlets
Imitating the flatness of darkness
Making its home across
His chest.

They kiss the skin
Of her calves and
Jump to his toes
Sharing in the taste of each lover

They move throughout
The tissue, the fabrics
And breaths
That no longer remain inside

Forming the couplets
Of romantic words
The breaths fall short
Fall flat, fall quiet

As the secrets
Lay in wait, dispersed
No longer forming the shadows
In the sunlight of morning.



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