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Mama Terre


Don't Touch Installation

The Earth breaths
The language of their tongues
Into mine
And makes it fat.

She sings into me
The syllables of swooning lovers
Where the thoughts and kisses are
Placed upon her ear so lightly

Her heart fills mine
While her nightmares are suspended in my sleep
And her sorrows begs my oblivion to switch place
If only for a moment.

She becomes fat with a brain child,
Stretch marks from the menace,
Morning sickness from the bastard,
And postpartum from the Home-wrecker.

She sweats, pulls, bites, kicks and breathes
Life back into the world
As she scarpes the walls of her womb out
Bringing forth only the scar tissue for the little ones to feast on.

She spreads the bits, as I watch,
Pulling piece by piece
I watch as they beat each other, fighting over the scraps
While licking up the dust, breathing in the dust of the cracked earth.

Mama cries
She sweats, bites, pulls, kicks, feels and breaths
In their pain
Force feeding it into my lungs, my belly and my heart

The soot dries out my fat tongue
Her nightmares become stationary above my head
No longer are they fleeting
I am forced to accept this as real

The words breathed into me
The thoughts, they swim and their customs overlay my own
Masking who I was,
And directing me to who I will be

She breather my tongue fat
With the history of each grain of sand
And the love for each speck of salt
That has kissed the air.

Mama cried
The tears that slip into the cracks of the Earth
Her sadness so deep
The cracks overflow.

Submerging the once barren soil
Into a salty wash
Her children
Could no longer drink.

On rocks they lie weak,
Lips thin, cracked and pale
Wishing to drink
That which surrounds  them.





It rolls off my tongue
Hitting the back of my teeth
Spitting saliva
Trying to form the words

But no sound…

No sound
Comes forth
It builds and swells
In my throat

I negotiate
I suplicate
I make promises I can’t possibly keep
Just to here these words,

Just to hear my words
Hang in the thin air
Where the veils of light
Could drench each syllable.

It gets harder
The words, they begin to suffocate
Releasing toxins
That subdue the spirit they’ve carried.

The anticipation is staggering
While my pride is collapsing
And my thoughts are racing
Attempting to salvage this confrontation.

My teeth collect the bits
And pieces, the shrapnel
Of the hard edges and cut syllables
Of all these words

While my lips beg,
My jaw begins to release
The captives, so they flee;
Tickling the thick red skin that curls under to meet my chin.

I have become
A slave to these sounds
That represent the words,
To which represent the thoughts
That represent the insecurities

All I can envision
are the other thoughts
That could have fallen on the page.

But the timing is off
The rhythm mismatched
Thoughts in disarray
And an ever mounting pressure, escalates

The words begin to roll onto my tongue
But they dance
Bringing themselves
Ever so slightly; closer.

The Beginnings of my Interfaith Dialogue


This work came about while I was not only trying to bridge the gaps between myself and others from different religious backgrounds or positions but also to find the similarities between my past and my present. I truly strive to respect, honour and uphold the true morals and kindness we can find within one another no matter what religion, faith, or spiritual opinion may be of. I believe interfaith dialogue to be the key to our success in all aspects of life and I see it providing hope for those around us and the future generations of our children! Salaams, Peace, Shalom!