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Nostalgia Continued


These are more photos from the same sketchbook (2009/ 2010). I believe as an artist, writer or if you’re a dancer, animator, musician it is important to look back on those ideas we’ve had from before that might not have seemed like good or developed ideas and to reconsider them again. I don’t the bond between the things you imagine can ever be broken, sometimes these ideas just need time to mature!

Although these pages seem to not be connected, they have all sparked further ideas whether in writing or artistic projects I am currently working on or thinking about.





I am uploading some photos of pages found in my sketchbooks. This post is from the most recent completed sketchbook ie 2010. So below there is lots of sarcasm, imagination and attempts at finding joy!

Every Place But Here


And there’s no room
left for anything,
but you inside
of me.

And the movement
disturbing the dead of night
calls out to what I’m doing,
who I’m doing, and how it’s being done

Flip flopping between tenses
while hip hopping, we can’t
help ourselves, there ain’t no stopping,
So       just        come        home.

No kisses,
but you, you travel down to me toes
finding every place
that he didn’t even know

you came into me
knowing my restraints
knowing my complaints
my secrets and sins

you came into me
disturbing the dead of night
brining forth the pale sight
a reflection you say, mimics the light of the moon

wrapped in one
one wrapped in two
with no room left
except for you and me

he finds his fingers
tip-toeing up my back
around to my neck
and down my front

the moments begin
to balance, begin
to silence, begin to
breath, begin to suffer, begin to heed

the moments
that disturbed the dead of night
no longer cuts into
her worship of the moon

but with its light
seeping into the pores
across her face
she does not forget.